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NIASM, Baramati, Pune

Process for one step synthesis of bactericidal silver nano-particles from tissue extracts of Labeorohita


UK Maurya,

MP Brahmane,

KK Krishnani and

PS Minhas

 Examination completed


2. 18/08/2015 3127/MUM/2015 NIASM, Baramati, Pune Development of a microbially derived polymeric product for gel formation, microbial colonization and metals binding

Meena KK,

Sorty A,

Krishnani KK,

Minhas PS

Application published on 12 May, 2017 Examination Awaited
3. 14/09/2021 202121041218 ICAR-NIASM, Baramati, Pune

A process for the development of

nanoscaled metallic formulations for aquaculture

Neeraj Kumar,

K K Krishnani, Himanshu Pathak

Under Examination

4. 25/10/2021 202121048471 ICAR-NIASM, Baramati, Pune Novel Microstimulant and Stress Alleviator For Aquaculture

Neeraj Kumar,

K K Krishnani, Himanshu Pathak

Under Examination

5. 04.07.2023 202321044695 ICAR-NIASM, Baramati, Pune Development of Novel Antiparasitic and Immune-Modulating Nano-Botanical Formulations For Aquaculture

Neeraj Kumar, K Sammy Reddy, SA Kochewad, K K Krishnani, AK Singh and Paritosh Kumar

Under Screening